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"Sound" plays a huge role in speech communication. Before a child is old enough to understand language, "sound" is their best guide to communicate and understand us. Experience first hand to see how sounds can "control" your child's behavior. Starting from 6 months to 3 years old.



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WHAT's musey deHsey?


Musey Dehsey will definitely wow the crowd at your Party or Event. All cast members of Musey Dehsey are not only Museducators, but have years of performing background in the arena of dance, music and even drama in theatre.


You may either engage one of our cast members for a small scale event or party; or all 3 of them to leave greater impressions for your audiences.

Need a one-stop centre for all your events and marketing needs? Muse Arts Marketing and Events is here to assist you! So fret not. Just sit back and let us organize and plan an unforgettable family-oriented event experience for you.



It's almost Halloween! And 3 musical pumpkins, Skeleton, Mummy and Frankenstein, are looking for friends to go trick or treating with! But it seems like most people are afraid of them & would run away, which makes the pumpkins so sad. So they begin on an adventure in search of a Magical Stone at the end of the rainbow, hoping it will be able to grant them their wish for more friends. Along the way, they bumped into a singing Tooth Fairy & a dancing Troll who were both in much distress.


The story took a sharp turn when they realize that important things have been going missing ever since they embarked on their journey up in the sky to search for this rainbow. Something's definitely fishy around here... and they need to investigate! With the help of Musey, Tooth Fairy, Troll and children from the audience, the Pumpkins managed to get to the end of the rainbow safely and solve the mystery.


Up In The Sky is an interactive children's musical that displays themes of Friendship, Embracing Differences, and Acceptance. Come join us in singing and dancing, but beware! For something might be lurking right next to you...


WHO are musey deHsey mUSICAL GENIES?

Musey Dehsey Musical Genies are your parties/birthday parties and event entertainer. We aim to educate, enrich and entertain children and will surely be bringing lots of joy, fun & laughter into your party with lots of Singing, Dancing, Skits & Musical Instruments & Ensemble play! We craft and provide customized content to suit your needs and theme of your event at your convenience. 

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