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Muse Arts focuses on Music & Movement. Apart from the normal in-class enrichment programmes, we do provide private Music & Movement programmes. Children are full of life and they need space, freedom and fun to discover their potential. At Muse Arts, we strongly believe in guiding and encouraging self-expression from children and learn based on their own experiences during classes but within a controlled environment. Muse Arts programmes are catered for children as young as 6 months to 12 years old; comprising of Music, Dance & Drama activities that encourage intellectual, emotional and artistic development of children. 
A-Muse Me
An edutainment platform for children to enjoy!
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Muse Arts aim to develop children as a whole, with a goal to inculcate the right characteristics and skills for their future path. Our main focus is to bring fun, exciting and educational artistic experiences through:
Sessions are held with an open mind in encouraging and guiding Muse Kids to explore a variety of possibilities with their often overlooked right brain through Problem Based Learning System (A situational analytical learning method).
Ideas from Muse Kids turn into reality through experimentation as MusEducators carry them out in a controlled environment, as well as tuning each syllabus to better suit the class. This ensures sufficient attention and motivation in Muse Kids’ participation in activities.
Through Exploration and Experimentation, Muse Kids build up on their self-confidence and social skills through participation and teamwork. It is now time to express their interest in the Arts through showcasing their very own production.
Museducators do not solely teach children, they provide opportunities for each child to learn based on their own experiences in classes and their daily lives. Museducators also cater activities to suit each and every child, even in a group setting. Muse Arts records and provides progress updates of every child each term, so as to allow parents to observe their child’s progression, identify areas to be improved and even realizing the artistic talent their child has.

Sara Valera

Mom of Andrew

Muse Arts have delivered a quality birthday programme for Andrew for the second year running. His 3rd birthday was pretty great but for his 4th Jacintha gave us an awesome time: balloons, lots of organised games with music from classics like pin the tail on the donkey to big bellowing fun for all with a ginormous parachute. Andrew and his 20 little friends ranging from 3 - 7 yrs old all had a blast. Thank you!


Mom of Jace

Hi Teacher Jacintha, just want to let you know that Jace has already started Preschool yesterday. He didn't cry even if there were kids crying. I believe the program from Muse Arts has helped him prepare for this. Thanks to you and teacher Lela for helping Jace.

Siti Nadiah Sidek

Mom of Aalya

My 1 year 9 months daughter attended Music & Movement Program with Muse Arts @ Tickle Tickle Hougang last week. She really enjoyed herself. She was dancing and hopping around. Good job Muse Arts!


Mom of En En

En En and I are loving the class!! I think Teacher Nilla is very patient and kind to young children. Moreover she gives the children a chance to take the lead in doing things they like and will tweak the lesson according to their liking. Eg. There was once En En put the drum on her head (trying to be cheeky) and wear it like a hat, Teacher Nilla will then ask everyone to put the drums on their head and pose at the end of the song like what En En did.And she pays attention to details too. She ensures every kid have equal chances to start an activity first! I'm v impressed!

Hannah Lee

Mom of Jerome & Gabriel

My two sons Jerome (5yo) and Gabriel (3yo) thoroughly enjoyed their music and movement sessions with Jacintha. Over the 1.5 years that they spent having weekly sessions with her, their appreciation for music has blossomed. Music, and even some music expressions such as “Allegro” and “Adagio”, “Legato” and “Staccato” have become part and parcel of their daily lives, woven into their conversations and play. I have also seen them grow in confidence and become more comfortable participating in group activities and action songs. Every term, they would put up an informal performance for the parents to show us some of the things they’ve learnt. My elder boy is usually self-conscious but he looks forward to these performances because Jacintha makes them so enjoyable and stress-free. Thanks to her spontaneous and child-centred approach, my children have come to enjoy and love music and movement.


Mom of Keagen & Keane

My 2 boys 2yo & 3.5yo have been attending music & movement classes with Muse Arts for the past 1.5 years. They enjoyed every lesson and look forward to their weekly evening session with Teacher Jacintha. Although the songs used are not the familiar conventional nursery songs, but they are very catchy and blend in extremely well with the different types of instruments used. The kids now are able to differentiate various musical instruments and hand-sign musical notes. My special needs nephew attends the same class even though he's over-aged. He enjoys this weekly class throughly and always hand--signs eagerly to me that he wants to go for music class. I do appreciate that Jacintha is trained for special-needs students and that equal opportunity is given to them instead of sympathy. Teacher Jacintha is very committed and engaging. My kids and their classmates enjoy having her as their music teacher. We also engaged Muse Arts with Ms Jacintha for my son's 2nd birthday party and we received lots of positive feedback from our guests. Thanks Musearts for being part of my boys growing up years.



Hi Jacintha, I want to say thank you for guiding HH on his action and all your thoughts about encouraging the children speak to each other and respect and treat each other nicely. Not many people cares. We are so lucky to have you.

And very grateful too you see both their strength and weaknesses. We experienced before that some teacher only see the wrong doing but forgetting to focus their strength too. Thank you.

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