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Music & Movement

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"Sound" plays a huge role in speech communication. Before a child is old enough to understand language, "sound" is their best guide to communicate and understand us. Experience first hand to see how sounds can "control" your child's behavior. Starting from 6 months to 3 years old.

Each session also consists of Muse Arts' original compositions that are designed to introduce children to many exciting themes such as Under the Sea and Pirates. While children are engaged in the original songs, they also develop Musicality in playing Steady Beat, Rhythms, Speed, Dynamics and Articulation, in line with syllabus of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Other than original compositions, Muse Arts songs used in classes are carefully handpicked by our team of Curriculum Specialist to expose children to various Nursery rhymes that are familiar, Classical songs that are engaging and Traditional Folk songs from all over the world. 



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Enhance Gross Motor Skills

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Expose to Percussion & Melodic instruments

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Able to listen to music cues

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Expressing emotions

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Stimulates the brain

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Improve cognitive development

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Develop better coordination

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Develop discipline and patience


Methodology and

A session of Music Toddler class starts off with Hello Song to help children settle down as they get the idea that Music class has started and ends off with Goodbye song to develop social skills like appreciation. At Muse Arts, we focus on a holistic teaching method focusing on character development. Repetition and routine are a part of Muse Arts Methodology as we believe in using Music as a form of Communication and Movement as a form of Expression. 

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Availability of


Musical Babies


  • Play-based learning and parent-and-child bonding

  • Exposure and playing on non-melodic and percussion instruments

  • Explore their musicality and develop sensitivity to music

  • Develop strength in language, imagination, creativity, cognitive, socialization and gross motor skills.


  • $300 for 10 sessions - 45 minutes

      (Adhoc $33 per session)

6 to 18 months old



  • Develop musicality of your child through Percussion instrument playing (Eg. Drums, Maracas, Claves)

  • Develop Fine and Gross motor skills of your child through specially designed activities to cross their mid-lines


  • $300 for 10 sessions - 45 minutes

      (Adhoc $33 per session)

1.5 to 3 

years old



  • Exposure to melodic instrument play like Resonator Bells as well as Ukulele and Keyboard playing

  • Develop body co-ordination through Dance choreography of various genres - Hip Hop, Contemporary and Traditional Dance

  • Music & Me in an introductory programme to expose your child to different specialized instruments, such as Keyboard and Ukulele, without having to attend different programmes. By utilizing Resonator Bells to teach the foundation of different notes and how to play in sequence, accompanied with different percussion instruments, your child will also learn to play in an ensemble, which is an effective way to develop their listening and ear to hand coordination. 


3 to 5 

years old

  • $320 for 10 sessions - 45 minutes

      (Adhoc $35 per session)

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