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Muse Arts

Children are full of life and they need space, freedom and fun to discover their potential. 

At Muse Arts, we strongly believe in guiding and encouraging self-expression from children and learn based on their own experiences during classes but within a controlled environment. Muse Arts programmes are catered for children as young as 6 months to 12 years old; comprising of Music, Dance, Art & Craft and Drama activities that encourage intellectual, emotional and artistic development of children. 
Muse Arts aim to develop children as a whole, with a goal to inculcate the right characteristics and skills for their future path. Our main focus is to bring fun, exciting and educational artistic experiences through: 
Sessions are held with an open mind in encouraging and guiding Muse Kids to explore a variety of possibilities with their often overlooked right brain through Problem Based Learning System (A situational analytical learning method).
Ideas from Muse Kids turn into reality through experimentation as MusEducators carry them out in a controlled environment, as well as tuning each syllabus to better suit the class. This ensures sufficient attention and motivation in Muse Kids’ participation in activities.

Through Exploration and Experimentation, Muse Kids build up on their self-confidence and social skills through participation and teamwork. It is now time to express their interest in the Arts through showcasing their very own production.


Muse Arts

What makes us special? - Museducators do not solely teach children, they provide opportunities for each child to learn based on their own experiences in classes and their daily lives. Museducators also cater activities to suit each and every child, even in a group setting. Muse Arts records and provides progress updates of every child each term, so as to allow parents to observe their child’s progression, identify areas to be improved and even realizing the artistic talent their child has.

Our Methodology allows children to transit into the different arts form and even help in their learning attitude and character development. Muse Arts has dedicated Curriculum Writers, who are not only pre-school teachers but practice the specific arts forms in their free time. Our In-house Musician and Composer craft each song to suit the local children behavior and attention span so that they can relate every song to certain instructions and therefore achieving the preset learning objective.

Meet The

Muse Team

Muse Arts’ facilitators are well qualified, highly motivated in their artistic forte, highly energetic and creative to bring a whole new learning perspective to the kids. This ensures that your children would be professionally guided into a fun learning environment with Muse Arts. Muse Arts aims to help children discover their own talents, prepare and equip each child with strong foundations for their future and possibly long term artistic development.


Assistant Curriculum Development Officer (Dance)


Chief Curriculum

Development Officer & Chief Trainer


Assistant Curriculum Development Officer (Speech & Drama)


Assistant Curriculum Development Officer (Dance)

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